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pooled money can earn better returns, stokvelsa helps you plan your finances

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Welcome to Stokvel sa

Stokvelsa members gathered with the ideal that savings of money that are pooled together can earn greater levels of interest, and attract lower costs than individual savings. With this in mind Stokvelsa began the Stokvel giving members the opportunity to contribute funds which are invested in stock exchange through legal institutions and in high quality companies that have strong business franchises, attractive growth prospects, leading market position and the ability to generate superior returns.

Stokvelsa is not an investment company nor financial institution and does not promote itself to be so.

When you register with us your life begins to change for a better with the privilege of enjoying among other things that

  • You register for free, there is no registration fee.
  • Your contribution for saving and investment begins from a minimum of R500.
  • You earn up to 2% daily profit and you can withdraw your profit in every second week or every month. 
  • We keep your capital for 90 working days and you get it back with your available profit.


We are successful because of the ease of the consumer in accessing their funds according to their needs. We have grown to be recognized as a diversified business with interests in different sectors such as retail opportunities with the marketing and sales of different products.

  • This keeps us prepared for any possible situation that may arise and have the ability to find the best and most efficient solution. We have the ability to work under pressure and be able to find creative solutions to difficult problems. Because of our drive to be the best and our tenacity in difficult situations, we have come to be who we are today: A successful and profitable stokvel contributing and sharing return of investment amongst all StokvelSA members.

Financial News

Inflation means consumers now need to spend an average of about 6% more than they had to a year ago to maintain their current lifestyles, cautions an expert.
Edvard Munch’s “Girls on the Bridge" has fetched $54.5m at Sotheby’s as the week of bellwether auctions in New York began.

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